February 12, 2016

So what has sunscreen got to do with gel manicures? Well, apparently a lot, going by the recent news release issued by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Because of the fear that ultraviolet (UV) radiation-emitting devices are carcinogenic to humans, the Foundation is recommending those who go for gel manicures to apply sunscreen to their hands prior to the treatment as UV-emitting nail lamps are oft-used to seal the gel polish to the nail.

Gel nail manicures are popular
Actually, the warning on UV nail lamps is not new but I suppose it is surfacing of late again because of the popularity of gel nail manicures. For those who don’t already know, gel nail polish are the rage now because it can last a few weeks longer than traditional acrylic nail polish and UV lamps are used to seal the polish to the nail, a process known as “curing.”


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Did you realize gel manicures were such a threat to your skin?


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